contemporary artist


Rich and vibrant in colour and bold in design, my acrylic and mixed media paintings are deeply symbolic and weave ecological, ancestral and mythological stories of past and present. Born out of close observations of the natural world, especially the ever-changing nature of the Australian landscape, and inspired by stories of my ancestral lineage my paintings which I refer to as 'Soulscapes' are a coming together of both inner and outer landscape; A merging of dreams and visions with the tangible. Transformations and translations of nature's intricate designs and patterns emerge onto canvas from a largely instinctive and experimental process that has me painting mostly with fingers and found objects. 

Art for me is essentially an experience of the sacred and I believe it has been since humans made their first marks on cave walls with tools and colours made from the earth. It is also a powerful platform for activism and as an artist with a sense of social responsibility my content and approach is also largely motivated by a deep concern for the planet and for humanity.  Through symbol and story I re-imagine an earth that is honoured and respected, one that is revered and protected. My purpose is to essentially create reminders of the sacred relationship between humans and nature by reflecting on the interconnectedness of all life creatively.

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time".  Thomas Merton

Jassy Watson